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Facial Fillers Vs. Botox: What’s The Difference?

While many people are aware of Botox and its role in facial rejuvenation, some may be interested in other injectables and how they interact with your body. As science progresses, we are finding different ways to capture the youthful energy that people feel on the inside and bring it outward. There are a number of injectables products, which allows us to completely tailor our procedures to our clients.

First, it’s important to recognize the categories these non-surgical procedures and their slightly different uses in the cosmetic world.


Like we mentioned, different injectables offer slightly different results depending on the patient. Neurotoxins (like Botox) block the neuromuscular action which prevents the muscles from contracting. That means when something like Botox is injected into a facial muscle, it keeps it from moving and deepening creases or wrinkles.

When unconsciously moving our facials muscles repetitively, causing deep wrinkles in certain areas (think: furrowing your brow or smile lines). Neurotoxins block that repetitive movement, which softens the wrinkles over time. It can take up to two weeks to see the final result and will last anywhere from three to six months.

Superficial Fillers

Hyaluronic acid fillers (like Juvaderm and Volbella) fill those wrinkles and add structure to your face. If you’re looking for a more natural injectable, this class of filler is a good option. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring molecule that already exists in your skin.

Fillers can add shape to your lips (Volbella), erase a fine line or add a bit of fullness where gravity has taken its toll (Juvaderm). The results can last up to six to twelve months after injection.


As we age, there is a tendency to lose fat in our faces (even as we gain fat elsewhere!). Think of the chubby-cheeked baby and the full-faced young adult — then think of the middle-aged and the elder, as they increasingly lose volume in their cheeks.

Radiesse and Voluma are products that can restore that volume and reinflate the face to make it more youthful. These products are often placed in the deeper layers. The offer the greatest longevity, lasting one to two years.

What’s The Right Choice For Me?

The right choice depends, as always, on your goals and current skin concerns. Each injectable has its own benefits and drawbacks. Your surgeon will discuss all options with you so you can thoroughly understand the appropriate course of action for your procedure.

We offer both Restylane and Botox at our offices. If you’d like to schedule a consultation, call Dr. Mucci today at 248-283-1115.

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