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Facial rejuvenation procedures can give you the more supple, fuller, smoother appearance you have always wanted. Dr. Mucci focuses on enhancing your natural beauty, so he will listen to what you are hoping for and provide thoughtful solutions to create the look you desire.

Whether you are looking for a full facelift, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, a brow lift, or a neck lift, Dr. Mucci’s goal is to “dial back the clock,” not stop it. The ultimate goal is to make you look your very best so you feel your very best, and we will work with you to identify the best cosmetic surgery options for you.

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When you get a full facelift, the goal is to make it look as natural as possible. After the procedure, you should be hearing comments like, “Did you change your hair? Did you lose a little weight?” rather than “Did you get a facelift?”

Facelifts entail making incisions at the hairline, in front of the ears, and behind the ears to tighten the skin around the whole face with the goal of reducing sagging and minimizing lines. The result is a firmer, smoother, and more youthful appearance you will love.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery is frequently the first cosmetic procedure patients undergo, and it is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries for men. Eyelid surgery is a relatively shorter operation with a shorter recovery period, all while giving you a dramatic change in your appearance.

Eyelid surgery can be used to address two components. The first involves modifying the skin and the muscles, and it can be used for both the upper lid and lower lid. The second component aims to reduce the puffiness and fat around the eyes.

During your initial consultation, we can examine your needs and personalize solutions that work for you.


A rhinoplasty, better known as a “nose job,” is the cosmetic surgery that seems to get the most attention in the mainstream media, but it has come a long way in recent years. If the result of the rhinoplasty matches the natural structure of your face, it will look more natural.

A rhinoplasty may involve both internal work and external work. The internal work is for functionality to help with breathing, such as turbinate treatment to reduce swelling or a septoplasty to straighten the bone and cartilage in the nose. The external, cosmetic aspect involves reshaping and refining the nose to create a different appearance.

The internal functional aspects and external cosmetic surgeries are often completed at once.

Brow Lift

A brow lift can modify the eyebrow area and forehead. It is completed by making a traditional incision at the hairline and then tightening the skin. A brow lift reduces wrinkle lines on the forehead, at the bridge of the nose, and between the eyes. It also can improve frown lines, place the eyebrows in a more youthful position, or raise troublesome, drooping eyebrows that may be affecting someone’s vision.

Neck Lift

Neck lifts can be extremely effective in taking years off your appearance, and they’re an excellent option for patients who are not looking for a full facelift. A neck lift involves creating an incision from the earlobe to the hairline and then pulling up the skin.

In some cases, liposuction of the chin would be a more ideal solution, especially for younger patients. A neck lift can also be completed in conjunction with liposuction for a more optimal effect.

Fat Grafting

Fat can be transferred from parts of your own body to add volume and soften wrinkles in other areas.

The technique involves extracting adipose tissue by liposuction, processing and purifying the fat, and then reinjecting it into the area needing improvement. Common areas for fat grafting include the face, breasts, hips, and buttocks.