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A surgeon marks a patient's abdomen prior to an abdominoplasty, more commonly known as a tummy tuck.

Abdominoplasty Facts: Myths & Truths about Tummy Tucks

Even though they have been available for decades, tummy tucks remain one of the most misunderstood cosmetic procedures. Once we think we have heard all the questions from our patients, a patient surprises us with a tummy tuck myth we’ve never heard before.

But that’s OK! We’re here to answer any questions you may have about how an abdominoplasty works, as well as whether or not it fits into your body contouring goals.

In the meantime, following are a few common myths about tummy tucks, along with the general answers about how abdominoplasty procedures truly work.

Myth #1: Will a tummy tuck leave a huge scar on my stomach?

Truth: Most patients will have a scar after a tummy tuck, but it’s typically in a less conspicuous area. It won’t be big and bold right at the front and center of your abdomen. That’s a myth!

Instead, when Dr. Mucci performs an abdominoplasty, he makes the incision near the bikini line from hip to hip, so the scar is not as visible.

Even if you do end up with a scar that makes you uncomfortable in the future, Dr. Mucci may be able to minimize the appearance of that scar through cosmetic surgery. Talk with him one-on-one to see if this is a possibility for you.

Myth #2: Does an abdominoplasty help with weight loss?

Truth: This is our favorite myth because it gives us a chance to talk about how an abdominoplasty can improve your perspective.

No, an abdominoplasty is not intended for weight loss. It will not help you lose weight. However, during the procedure, Dr. Mucci trims excess fat, so you may lose a few pounds in that sense. As a result, you will have a flatter, tighter, more contoured abdomen.

Ultimately, what an abdominoplasty will do is make you feel lighter and better. We believe how you treat your body depends on how you feel about yourself. The better you feel, the more you will be inspired and motivated to maintain that feeling.

On the flip side, if you don’t choose a healthy lifestyle after an abdominoplasty, you can gain weight.

So we repeat: An abdominoplasty is not intended for weight loss, but it can definitely inspire you.

A doctor measures a woman's abdomen vertically prior to an abdominoplasty.
An abdominoplasty is not intended for weight loss, but seeing the positive changes in your own body can inspire you to continue a healthy lifestyle.

Myth #3: Would pregnancy after a tummy tuck be dangerous for me or for my baby?

Truth: Having a tummy tuck generally does not affect whether or not you can get pregnant. Additionally, there has been no scientific evidence to verify the myth that pregnancy is dangerous after an abdominoplasty.

In other words, don’t worry. You should be fine. However, we recommend waiting until after you’re done building your family to have that tummy tuck you’ve always wanted.

Myth #4: I hear it takes many months to recover from an abdominoplasty. Is that true?

Truth: It will take some time to recover from an abdominoplasty, but the timeframe is slightly exaggerated in the general public.

You will have to care for your wound as directed for the first few days after surgery. If you do choose to have a tummy tuck by Dr. Mucci, we will tell you all about how to care for that incision in detail, as well as provide you with general post-operative care instructions.

You will likely need to stay off your feet for the first few days after surgery, but most patients may be able to resume most normal activities within about one or two weeks.

You also may have to minimize strenuous activity for several weeks. If you have young children at home, for instance, you should have someone else help you lift them.

You may feel some tightness or bruising at the incision area for several weeks as well. Scarring is typically more pronounced shortly after the surgery, but the scar becomes smaller and lighter for most patients after a few months have passed.

Every patient’s experience, results, and recovery process will be different, so be sure to talk with Dr. Mucci one-on-one to see what you can expect.

Myth #5: Is there only one kind of tummy tuck?

Truth: There are at least three different kinds of tummy tucks.

  1. Full abdominoplasty: This is what most people think of when they hear the phrase “tummy tuck” and is generally the subject of this article. It involves making the incision described above, removing fat/draining fluids, repositioning the bellybutton, tightening the area, and suturing the incision.
  2. Mini abdominoplasty: A mini abdominoplasty offers similar results, but it typically only involves a single, small incision above the bikini line. The healing process tends to be faster with this option.
  3. Extended abdominoplasty: This is a more comprehensive body transformation surgery that may involve the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks.

For more information or to see if an abdominoplasty is ideal for you, make an appointment to see Dr. Mucci in Beverly Hills, Michigan, by calling our office or sending us a message through our website.

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