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Mommy Makeovers – When Is The Right Time For Me And My Body?

“Mommy makeovers” are one of the largest growing trends in the world of cosmetic surgery. In contrast to older generations, more and more women are taking advantage of safe, effective cosmetic surgeries to restore or improve their post-pregnancy bodies.

To bring everyone up to speed, “mommy makeover” is a term that refers to a number of different plastic surgeries. These plastic surgeries include any combination of breast lifts, breast reductions, liposuction, and abdominoplasties or mini-abdominoplasties (tummy tucks or mini tummy tucks). The term “mommy makeover” applies to these surgeries, as they are common among mothers looking to restore or improve their bodies following childbearing.

The appeal is easy to see– a slimmer figure, less excess skin, and breasts that are bigger or smaller. The next question is, when is the right time for a mommy makeover?

In a word, there’s no “right time” for a mommy makeover– patients should undergo a mommy makeover procedure when they would like a change with their bodies and when it feels right for them.

However, there are some guidelines to keep in mind when considering when to have a mommy makeover:

  • Wait until you are done with childbearing. This one may seem obvious given the name, but it’s the most important thing to consider when looking at mommy makeover procedures. Patients should wait until they have completed childbearing and breastfeeding. Before having a mommy makeover, a patient should be confident that they won’t be having any children in the future. Another pregnancy may compromise the final results of a mommy makeover procedure.

  • Wait until you have achieved a stable weight. Another important aspect of planning a mommy makeover procedure is considering your weight. Patients should have maintained a steady, stable weight following childbearing, as significant weight gain or loss may also be detrimental to the results of a procedure. Again, patients undergo the procedure for cosmetic results, so a poor result due to weight gain/loss or another pregnancy is something patients should try to avoid with foresight and planning.

  • Wait until you can fit a mommy makeover into your schedule. A mommy makeover, like any surgical procedure, will necessitate a recovery period that varies from person to person. During the first week or two, you should plan on taking time off work and having someone else take care of the kids. Recovery periods can also last up to six weeks– before your procedure, your surgeon can give you an idea of what to expect so that you can determine when it will best fit into your schedule.

Have any concerns about a mommy makeover, or wondering when the best time for you will be? Call Dr. Mucci today to schedule a consultation! Dr. Mucci has performed thousands of cosmetic surgery procedures over the course of 20 years of practice, meaning there’s no one more qualified to advise you on cosmetic surgeries.

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