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How Long Should I Wait After Giving Birth To Have A Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation after pregnancy is becoming more common every day. It’s entirely natural for women to feel dissatisfied with their breasts after all the changes that may occur throughout breastfeeding and pregnancy. Plastic surgery is a safe and effective method for augmenting breasts to help you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the key considerations for choosing when to have your breast augmentation procedure.

How Long Should I Wait Following A Pregnancy?

The general rule is that you should wait at least 3-6 months after giving birth. However, everyone’s body is different, and it’s possible you’ll want to wait even longer.

Your breasts change not only during pregnancy, but afterwards as well. If you have decided to breastfeed, you can expect your breasts to continue to change until you’re finished. These changes mean that any results from a procedure will also be altered, which sometimes leads to unsatisfactory results aesthetically or in terms of volume.

Once you’ve passed the 3 month mark and are done breastfeeding, keep an eye on your breasts for any changes. After they have stabilized, you should be ready for an augmentation procedure.

What About Future Pregnancies? Will Breast Augmentations Affect Those, Or Later Breastfeeding?

Having a breast augmentation will not affect your ability to breastfeed, nor will it introduce any risks to your pregnancy. It’s totally safe for your baby. However, you can still count on your breasts changing throughout the whole process, which may leave you right back where you started – dissatisfied with your breasts.

As a result, we recommend that patients wait until they are done having children for a breast augmentation procedure. Many women are satisfied with their breast augmentation results before and after a pregnancy. However, it’s one of those things where it all depends on the individual involved and their unique body. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to plastic surgery.

When In Doubt, Talk To Your Doctor

Of course, the best advice you can get on the issue comes from a board certified surgeon that’s familiar with your unique case. A licensed plastic surgeon experienced in breast augmentations can show you pictures of prior patients, giving you an idea of the results as well as how long you may need to wait.

We offer free consultations, where we can help answer any questions you may have about pregnancy and breast augmentations.

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