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FAQs About Tummy Tucks

Despite the rising popularity of cosmetic procedures, they’re still not always well understood. Tummy tucks are no different. If you’re considering getting a tummy tuck, it’s important to do some research so that you fully understand the procedure.

To help you out, we’ve put together this list answering some of the most common questions we get regarding tummy tucks.

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  1. What is a tummy tuck? A tummy tuck, officially known as an abdominoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure for removing excess skin and fat on the abdomen. Oftentimes, tummy tuck candidates seek to remove problem areas of fat or loose skin after pregnancy or obesity. Additionally, tummy tuck procedures can include tightening abdominal muscles that have become stretched.
  2. Can I get a tummy tuck? Tummy tuck candidates should be in good health without any serious diseases or pre-existing conditions. Additionally, tummy tuck candidates should discuss the procedure with a licensed plastic surgeon beforehand to make sure their expectations are realistic and healthy. Furthermore, the candidate should be in good mental and emotional health. Lastly, women should avoid tummy tucks until they are finished with childbearing.
  3. What’s a good age to get a tummy tuck? There really is no normal or especially good age to receive a tummy tuck. However, as stated previously, women should wait until they are done giving birth. If you are considering a tummy tuck after losing weight, it is best to achieve your ideal weight before the procedure.
  4. How long is the recovery period? There’s no “one-size-fits-all” recovery period, as it depends on the individual and the extent of the procedure. Generally, patients should be able to drive and handle light tasks within a week. However, most patients should request 2-3 weeks off from work. After 6-8 weeks, most patients are fully recovered or very close.
  5. If I want to lose weight, should I get a tummy tuck? Tummy tucks are not intended to remove dramatic amounts of weight. Instead, you should be within 10 or 15 pounds of your ideal body weight.
  6. If I want to tighten loose skin, should I get a tummy tuck? Tummy tucks are intended to remove loose, excess skin following weight loss. Given that there is no exercise to make your skin tighten, tummy tucks are ideal for this situation.

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